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About Rev. Dr. Christine Nygren, Owner

I’m an experienced corporate and academic leader with a lifelong passion for creating art. I earned an undergraduate degree in design with a focus on fiber arts, creative studies, and education. I also earned an MBA and PhD. By staying connected with my passions for art, nature, and spirituality, I bring an innovative approach to leadership and problem solving.


My current artistic focus is creating sacred and ceremonial textiles. These are artisan hand woven fabrics, wearables, and woven objects for life celebrations, ceremonies, and rituals. I make beautiful textiles that are spiritually inspired and handmade with the highest intentions. These can serve as sacred partners on your life path.


I bring my professional and spiritual expertise into each work of art. This includes being: an ordained interfaith minister with One Spirit Seminary; an initiated shamanic practitioner in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition; and a Certified Practitioner of Esoteric (energy) Healing. By working in unique ways, I create textiles that are meaningful for each client.


My weaving studio is nestled in historic Rivermill in the Village of Saxapahaw, North Carolina, where I’m a founder of the Riverside Collective: A Maker's Space.

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