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Connecting with Stones

Finally, I visited the home of Georgia O'Keefe in New Mexico this summer. She had collections of stones both inside and outside - on almost every windowsill! You can read about my experience, and ways I connect with stones, in my first blog post for Don Oscar's Heart of the Healer Writers Forum.

Inspired by my experience in New Mexico, I've started to sketch some of the stones I have around me. The sketch here is of a small stone from Lake Michigan. It is curiously smooth on one side and rough on the other.

Sketch of Lake Michigan Stone by Chris Geith 2017

My favorite, so far, is the sketch below. When I was finished and stood back, it suggested the form of wings gently folded inside. I call it "Stone Chrysalis." Stay tuned for more, as I'm really enjoying getting to know stones through drawing.

Stone Chrysalis by Chris Geith 2017

#stones #art #sketch

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