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A Journey to the River of Life

At a powerful group meditation in Michigan recently, we were reminded to always keep our thoughts at the highest. The rivers of negativity, emotionalism and biases flow on but we never need to drink from them. We can choose instead to drink from the River of Life. The River of Life is a very special place that we can meditate upon and when in need, take a sip.

I am inspired by this experience to express the River of Life as a painting. For my first step, I journeyed on it with my spirit guides to get a better understanding. I was shown a beautiful wide, deep, slow-moving river of energy and light with earthen banks. Some areas of the River’s surface were tranquil while others had undulating and swirling currents. In deeper areas, it looked like the cosmos was peeking through the bottom.

As I gazed, I “fell” into the River and was gently surrounded by its flows. There were no banks, no bottom, and no directions. I saw bright white, all shades of blue, and other colors. It was more sensation, though, than color. I was enveloped by refreshing, vibrant, active streams. As I went deeper, I felt myself going through the River and out into the heart of the cosmos. This had an expansive, tranquil feeling. I knew I could come back and explore here much more another time. I paused for a moment, and returned to the River. Moving through its currents and eddies, I came back onto its banks. Now, I could see that the River’s flow was not contained by the banks. It swirled way up and out to the side as it moved, with big thick, curvy tendrils and waves; moving, undulating, alive.

These are my first three sketches.

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