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May's New Moon Gathering


This week, I hosted a new moon celebration in North Carolina - my first since moving here. It was an awesome evening! After sharing a delicious pot luck, we opened our circle with drumming and a sacred pipe blessing. Since this new moon marked the beginning of a fresh 7-year cycle, we meditated on the intentions to incubate at this time. We made a despacho (a blessing packet) filled with our love, gratitude and our intentions. Our despacho was released to great spirit in a sacred fire tended by our fire keepers and accompanied by the beautiful tones of native flute. After closing our circle with a special song, we were treated to a wonderful sound bath with singing bowls. Each person shared something of themselves and in doing so gifted everyone with a meaningful, heart-felt experience. I'm thankful to everyone for this powerful gathering.

#despacho #newmoon

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